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About Warner Bros Movie World Rides

Enjoy Warner Bros Movie World rides inside one of the world’s largest and Australia's only film-related theme parks. Enter the world of superheroes and supervillains like superman, batsman and more which have been a part of the Warner Bros. Movie World at some point of time. Meet all time famous characters from the Warner Bros. brands like the DC Comics, Scooby Dooby Doo, Hanna-Barbera and more while enjoying the family rides in Warner Bros Movie World.

The park also keeps organising theatrical shows to keep the children engaged and entertained on their trip.The park has the perfect setting if you want to spend time outdoors with your family or friends while taking advantage of a variety of rides and recreational opportunities. There are 20 adventurous rides that are further subdivided into three categories based on their features: 9 rides intended for the entire family, 7 thrill rides, and 4 rides suitable for children. Satiate your adrenaline rush by riding on thrilling Warner Bros Movie World rides like the Batwing Space Shot, Doomsday Destroyer and Green Lantern Coaster. Have a blast as you ride on the family Warner Bros Movie World rides including Road Runner Rollercoaster and Justice League 3D - the ride. And as you continue having fun, don't forget to take tons of pictures with your loved ones in front of all the characters and attractions of the WB world.

Thrill Rides In Warner Bros Movie World Rides

You will come across a plethora of Warner Bros Movie World rides inside the park that are equally thrilling and entertaining. While Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster will keep you entertained with its next generation audio-animatronics, the Batwing Space Shot will give you goosebumps as it will shoot you at a speed of 72 kmph in the sky.


The DC Rivals Hyper Coaster is the tallest, fastest and longest coaster in the entire Southern Hemisphere, making it to the top of list of thrill rides in Warner Bros Movie World. The track of this ride is about 1.4 km long and goes through an intimidating 89 degree drop which is the most electrifying feature of the ride.


Go on thrill rides in Warner Bros Movie World with Wild West Falls Adventure and pass through geysers, ghost towns and wagon trains, that gives you a full country feel. Experience a steep drop in your boat ride which goes with a speed of 70kmph and ends with a splash.


Ride with your favorite character, Scooby Doo in this next generation coaster ride which moves in forward and backward motion. This hyperrealistic indoor ride operates with the use of audio-animatronics technology with special effects, projections and lasers! Be seated on a Jester Car which moves with a speed of 45 kmph, and takes you rather by spooky surprises along the way.


Embark on an adventurous journey with a speed of 66 kmph on 488 meter track of Green Lantern which is a type of EL LOCO Coaster. Experience steep inverted drops and barrel rolls on this ride which is one of the thrill rides in Warner Bros Movie World.


Your search for thrill rides in Warner Bros Movie World will come to a stop with Superman Escape which lets its riders cross vertical climb with speed of 100 kmph in just two seconds. This ride is a type of launch coaster which propels you forward on the Metropolis Rollercoaster Subway.


Hop on the Batwing Space Shot and get ready to feel butterfly gut sensation as it will shoot you to about 60 metres in the sky with a maximum speed of 72 kmph. This adrenaline fulfilling ride comes under the category of launched tower ride and ends with some bungee-like bounces.


Get ready to have an action packed time with Doomsday Destroyer, which is one of the most thrill rides in Warner Bros Movie World. This monstrous looping ride has a suspended hammer and is found in the interactive DC Super-Villains Unleashed zone inside the park. To be a part of this adventurous ride, the guests have to be a minimum of 130cm and maximum 200cm.


The Kids’ WB Fun Zone offers top Warner Bros Movie World rides and are loved by children. It is the area wherein the thrill and magic of the Looney Tunes rides comes alive. Inside the zone, you will find 6 kid friendly Warner Bros. Movie World attractions, among which the most entertaining are the LOONEY TUNES CAROUSEL and SYLVESTER AND TWEETY CAGES.

Family Rides In Warner Bros Movie World

Warner Bros Movie World has a number of rides that can be enjoyed with a full family. You can try Road Runner Rollercoaster or Speedy Gonzales’ Tijuana Taxis for a fun ride and if you want to enjoy some water splash, then you can head to Looney tunes Splash zone. To enjoy these thrilling r ides yu just need to purchase Warner Bros. Movies World tickets.


Get seated in a mini car and travel around in your own way with Speedy Gonzales’ Tijuana Taxis. This ride goes on a controlled track with a mild speed which is keeping in mind the safety of young riders. Guests between 106 and 145 cm in height are welcome to try this ride.


The Road Runner Rollercoaster is one of the top family rides in Warner Bros Movie World which takes you to an adventurous journey full of twists and turns. The ups and downs of the ride will let you traverse in the Arizona desert and ACME Fireworks Factory.


Transport yourself to the DC universe with Justice League ride, which is a 3D interactive ride and enjoy the opportunity to combat using your laser gun. Partner with Superman, Batsman and an army of other superheroes in this mission which is fighting the battle against the devils.


Let your children finally have the driver’s seat and enjoy riding a mini car in the Junior Driving School. For riding the two seater car, the participants have to be over 106 cm in height and without any medical conditions. The children will drive in the streets which are the miniature version of Warner Bros. Movie World.


Head to the Kids’ WB! Fun Zone and get inside Sylvesgter and Tweety cages which are among the best family rides in Warner Bros Movie World and go on a spin. This children friendly ride allows one to escape with Tweety in the cages which rotate, ascend and descend, helping you to get away from Sylvester.


Looney Tunes is a splash pad where the entire family can enjoy as there are no height restrictions. Located inside the Kids’ WB! Fun Zone, this splash zone allows your children to cool down and play with interactive water jets on a long hot summer day.


What is the minimum height required to take the Warner Bros Movie World Rides?

The minimum height requirement for participating in Warner Bros Movie World rides varies from rides to rides. However, the average height requirement of guests for most of the rides ranges between 90 to 180 cm.

Do we need to purchase separate tickets for Warner Bros Movie World Rides?

No, you don’t need to purchase separate tickets for Warner Bros Movie World rides. Once you buy your tickets, you are free to hop on any of the rides any number of times.

What is the best time to visit Warner Bros Movie World?

The best time to visit the Warner Bros. Movie World is between the months of May to October. During these months, the weather remains pleasant making it favorable for guests to enjoy the attraction at their own pace.

Are outside eatables allowed inside Warner Bros Movie World?

No, bringing edibles from outside is strictly prohibited inside the Warner Bros Movie World, however, you can bring in some fruits and water bottles. Also, guests with allergies, infants, babies and guests with pre-booked educational groups are given special allowance to have their own choice of food inside the park.

What makes Warner Bros Movie World so famous?

Warner Bros. Movie World is famous for being one of the top theme parks of Australia which offers a plethora of experiences like rides and attractions that are based on the Warner Bros. Movie World. The very famous movie-set cities and their characters from the brands such as Looney Tunes, DC Comics, Hanna-Barbera, and others residing inside the park are what makes it popular among tourists.

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